We proudly support Carers Trust

Charity Support

Markel direct is proud to support Carers Trust. This remarkable charity supports over 300,000 carers in the UK including 15,500 young carers. A carer is somebody who looks after a friend or relative who may be disabled or seriously ill. Many carers have been doing it for years; others are only children who look after a parent or sibling, and sometimes both.

Since 2008, we have raised over £150,000 for Carers Trust.

Did you know....?

1 in 10 people are a carer. Soon, it will be 1 in 5.

People can become carers in a moment. A wife diagnosed with cancer. A child born with disabilities. A father develops Parkinson's.

Anyone can become a carer; carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and can be of any age. Amazingly, many carers do not consider themselves to be a carer.  They are just looking after their mother, son or best friend - just doing what is needed to care for a loved one.

Supporting the Carer

Caring 24/7 can cause massive strain. Carers are often:

  • In danger of self harm or even suicide
  • Depressed and unable to cope
  • Suffering poverty - 1/3 either cut back on food or struggle to afford heating in the winter

With carers centres placed all over the UK, Carers Trust is a lifeline for many carers:

  • Giving carers desperately needed respite breaks
  • Providing vital equipment and relief
  • One-to-one crisis support and counselling
  • Giving information, training and advice to look after their loved ones

Why we support them

Through our community group insurance and charity insurance, we are only too aware of the tremendous amount of work and responsibility taken on by individual carers. We believe that carers who give so much for others, deserve to be given the help they need to carry on. With a combination of corporate and staff fundraising initiatives, we seek to generate funds for this charity so that they can maintain their vital services.

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