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Office insurance

Our specialist office insurance can provide cover for a wide range of workplace risks.

An unforeseen event at your office could have a serious impact on your business. A fire, for example, could destroy thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment, cause structural damage to the building and leave you with no premises for months. Our office insurance could cover you for these risks and more.

We offer two types of office insurance - buildings and contents cover, and business interruption cover. Each can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your business. Our simple quote system allows you to choose the cover you want at a premium you can afford.

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Office insurance - what does it cover?

Buildings and contents insurance covers your office premises against accidental damage (including theft and damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, explosion or storm) to office buildings, office contents and computer equipment. Few businesses could survive an incident that destroyed their premises and contents, so give this cover careful consideration. If you travel regularly, you also have the option of insuring your business equipment on a worldwide basis (please note that buildings insurance is not available for homeworkers, but you can cover your home office contents).
Business interruption insurance covers any loss of income (or increased costs of working) if you are unable to work from your usual business premises. This cover could save your business thousands of pounds if you have to be re-sited during repairs or if you cannot fulfil your contractual obligations.

If you work from home, we can cover your home office contents

If you work from a home office, we can cover your business equipment and computer equipment, whilst it is at home or on a worldwide basis. Few home insurance policies extend to include cover for business equipment kept in your home office, so you could be left exposed without the right cover.
We also offer a range of liability covers for homeworkers, including professional indemnity insurance and public and product liability insurance. With the option of paying your premium monthly with 10 interest free payments, you are sure to find cover that is right for your business.

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