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Trustee indemnity insurance | Trustee liability insurance

As one of the pioneers of trustee liability insurance (also known as trustee indemnity insurance), we have many years knowledge of the risks facing the management of charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Regardless of how well intending your decisions as a trustee may be, claims or allegations of negligence could be made against you during (or after) your time as a charity trustee. Such allegations could cost thousands of pounds in legal fees, expenses and compensation – and without trustees insurance, you may be liable to pay them out of your own pocket.

Our specialist trustee indemnity insurance can cover your legal fees, expenses and any damages awarded against you following an allegation of negligence – giving you the peace of mind that your personal wealth won’t be at risk if a claim is brought against you.

Arranging the right trustee indemnity insurance is vital, and without speaking to a specialist it can be a complicated process. We have insurance experts at the other end of the phone who can answer any questions you have about trustee insurance and explain what it can cover in plain English – get a quote now or call us today!

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We have a long history of working in the third sector

In addition to insuring thousands of charitable organisations over the last 20 years, we have raised over £130,000 for our supported charity, Carers Trust, and we are headline sponsors of the Third Sector Excellence Awards.


What does trustee indemnity insurance cover?

Our insurance for trustees covers:

Your legal liability as a governer, director, council member, officer or trustee of the organisation

As well as your legal costs and expenses in respect of:

The defence of any legal action seeking your disqualification as a director
Any investigations you are requested to attend
Extradition proceedings (including appeals)

What limit of trustee indemnity insurance should I choose?

Choosing a limit depends on many factors; take into consideration the size of your organisation, the charitable sector it operates in and the severity of allegations that could be made against you given your line of work. We offer limits from £250,000 to £1m, so regardless of the size of your charity, you can tailor a policy to your needs.

Our trustee indemnity insurance starts at just £6 a month. Get a quote now or call today to speak to an expert!

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