10 easy fundraising event ideas

10 easy fundraising event ideas

Raising money for your charity through fundraising events can be a daunting task, but with a little planning and some imaginative ideas you will be amazed how quickly money can be raised. Here are 10 easy to implement fundraising ideas:

1. Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is a great way to raise money for your charity with low set up costs. Gift wrapping is often seen as a chore, and many people are more than happy to let you do it for them in return for a donation to your charity. It's best implemented at weekends throughout December, ideally in busy shopping centres, so you can make the most of the festive rush.

2. Cake sale

Cake sales are extremely popular and have a huge mark-up. Ask members and volunteers of the charity to contribute the baked goods and then promote the event to supporters. Think about running a novelty competition at the event, such as a 'guess the weight' competition on a large cake.

3. Fun run/walk

Holding a fun run or walk is a great way to involve charity supporters of all ages. Think about offering a short distance - such as 1 mile - for competitors of all abilities, as well as a longer distance race for keen athletes.

4. Raffles

Running a raffle at an event can be a hassle free way to generate funds for your cause. Ask supporters and local businesses for prize donations and see if one supporter is willing to donate a 'headline' prize.

5. Coffee mornings

Put the kettle on and open up your charity for the morning - coffee mornings are an informal and laid back way to raise money. Combine with a 'bring and buy' sale to raise even more money.

6. Zumba and dance classes

Zumba and dance classes are popular with people of all ages. Consider approaching a local Zumba or dance teacher and see if they are willing to hold a class every so often for a reduced rate (or even for free). Charge participants a modest entry fee and you are likely to raise valuable funds for your charity.

7. Arts and crafts event

Arts and crafts fair are an opportunity for both your charity and the local economy to benefit. Invite small businesses and home based craft makers to hire a table for the event. You could also sell refreshments to boost revenue.

8. Sell greeting cards

Although this is more of an 'add on' to an existing event rather than an event in itself, it can be hugely successful for your charity. Whether it's for birthdays, weddings or just to say 'thank you', everyone needs greetings cards. The idea of buying something you actually need, while at the same time donating to a good cause, really appeals to most people, and they can be sold at almost any event. Ask your local printer if they would be willing to offer a special rate to print your charity's cards. In addition to selling them directly to supporters, consider approaching local card and gift shops and asking if they would be interested in buying some from you.

9. Car boot sale

Everyone has a box of junk in their house they are keen to get rid of. Organise a car boot sale and your charity has the opportunity to raise a lot of money through selling pitches, offering refreshments and carrying collection buckets on the day.

10. Barbecue

Barbecues are the perfect opportunity to meet supporters in an informal setting. Always have an indoor venue as a contingency plan in place in case it rains!

Insuring events

Events are key to any charity's fundraising efforts. While the vast majority of them go smoothly, from time to time there may be an unforeseen occurrence. Visitors slipping and tripping are common injuries sustained at events; even with well trained volunteers and a strict health and safety policy, accidents can still happen. If a visitor sustains an injury which causes them a financial loss (such as being unable to work) they may take legal action against your charity, which could see valuable fundraising money spend on defending a court case.

Public liability insurance covers the costs of defending your charity against allegations of injury to a third party (such as a visitor to an event, or a participant) or damage to third party property (such as a hired village hall). It is generally seen as being essential cover for organisations holding fundraising events. In most instances, our charity insurance covers all of the above events provided the attendance will not exceed 500 people. Find out more about charity insurance or call 0800 640 6604 to speak to a charity insurance expert.


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