6 apps every start up business owner should have

6 apps every start up business owner should have

Managing a start up business while you're on-the-go has changed dramatically over the last ten years, primarily due to one thing: the rise of the smartphone.

A study by Gartner estimated that in 2013, around 102 billion apps were downloaded. With such an abundance of free and inexpensive apps at our fingertips, owners of start-up businesses can make the most of their time by embracing them; they can help streamline your business, keeping you as organised and as efficient as possible. Here are some of the best apps out there for start-up businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Inspiration and ideas can come at any time, so having the ability to record them is vital. Evernote not only allows you to record notes; it's a way of organising every aspect of your life. It allows you to manually enter or dictate notes and create to-do lists, and it automatically indexes your notes, meaning you can access them from any device.


Money Dashboard

Keeping a close eye on finances is an integral part of every start up business owner's life. Money Dashboard is a great way of tweaking budgets and tracking spending, allowing you to add bank accounts and credit cards. The app will even produce easy-to-understand graphs for you, showing you where your money is going. Essentially, Money Dashboard keeps on top of your finances so you can focus on your new business' operations.


WorldCard Mobile

Swapping business cards is the ultimate networking strategy, and one you should definitely partake in as a start-up business. However, apps like WorldCard Mobile mean you won't need to rummage through a bag full of business cards when looking for a contact. The app allows you to scan business cards in 16 different languages, taking down all important details and even linking it to your social sites such as LinkedIn. Wall Street Journal has recommended it to all professionals, so it is thought to be one of the best of its kind.



The Dropbox app gives you immediate access to your documents from anywhere, at any time. This means you never have to worry about leaving important files behind. Your documents will be synced across all devices and it acts as a dependable cloud backup service.



Skype is an inexpensive way for you to communicate with your clients and colleagues. The Skype app allows you to do this virtually and connects with users on nearly any device. Calls are free (apart from your network provider's data charges) and you can link up a physical landline number to your Skype account to ensure you never miss a call.



Engaging your target audience on social channels is a great way for start ups to build brand awareness at a low cost. However, when trying to set up and establish your business, you may find you don't have time to be posting on social sites throughout the day. The Buffer app allows you to do just this. You just need to give it your content and it will automatically post it at times of your choice.


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