Average time to detect a data breach is ten hours

Average time to detect a data breach is 10 hours

Companies need an average of ten hours to spot a data breach, or at least this is the time IT professionals estimate they need, according to a new survey from McAfee.

The survey polled 500 IT decision makers at organisations in the UK, the US, Germany and Australia and found that certain organisations were surprisingly unprepared to deal with data breaches. One in 20 respondents stated that they might need a week to detect a breach, while more than one in five estimated they could do so within a day.

However, just over one in three claimed they could detect a data breach within a few minutes, which is actually considered the benchmark in today's online security.

Overall, 58% said they had experienced a data breach over the past 12 months and one in four managed to notice the issue within minutes of it happening, Tech World website reported.

According to Mike Fey, chief technology officer at McAfee, the results from the survey confirmed what many people in the industry believe - very few businesses and organisations actually have real-time information that can reveal a data breach and, without having this information, no remediation measures can be taken.

McAfee said the survey showed that some of the organisations were over-optimistic about their ability to detect breaches and to adequately react to them and find the source of the data breach.

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