The risks and rewards of charity mergers

The risks and rewards of charity mergers

Rightly or wrongly, in recent years there has been an increasing school of thought that there are too many charities and that resources and funds are not going as far as they could.

This has led to many people, both in and outside government, asking why there is not an increase in successful, strategic charity mergers. But is this a fair question and, if so, what is the best answer?

Third Sector's live webcast, sponsored by Markel, asks a panel of experts:

  • Why should two charities merge? And when are alternatives, such as strong partnerships, a better option?
  • What is the business case for a merger? How can they be used to effectively reduce costs, pool resources and improve services?
  • Mergers effect everyone involved with the charity, from employees to end users, how should the concerns of different stakeholders be addressed to maintain trust and support?
  • Is it possible to maintain the identity and history of both charities in the years after a merger?

There are also be in depth case studies from charities that have merged, providing essential insights into best practice for any organisations considering merging or not wishing to rule it out for the future.

Watch the video below, or find out more about charity insurance from Markel.

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