Charity Inspiration Interviews

  • BritCits

    Charity inspiration interview - BritCits

    Sonel Mehta is the founding trustee of BritCits – a human rights charity formed to protect British citizens and residents with non-EEA family members. Through policy work, liaising with media and information dissemination, the charity has made a big difference to the lives of many families since it was founded.

  • Chelford Tenants and Residents Association

    Charity inspiration interview CTARA

    Originally set up to help local residents with the transfer from the local Council to a Housing Trust, Chelford Together, formally Chelford Tenants and Residents Association (CTARA), – a not-for-profit voluntary organisation – is still going strong ten years later.

  • Release into Victory

    Charity inspiration interview - Release into Victory

    This month, we talk to founder and representative of Release Into Victory (RiV) Gina Gonzales about her not-for-profit Community Interest Company, which deals with the sensitive subject of the trauma of childhood sexual abuse (CSA).

  • Charity inspiration interview - Geddington Brickyard Garden

    What started as a dream is now a reality in full swing, thanks to Lynette Litman and her ambition to transform a derelict space into a community project. This month, we talk to Brenda McCraith – a director of Geddington Brickyard Garden CIC – to hear all about this recent venture, the early hurdles they have faced, and what other organisations can learn from this fantastic project.

  • The Shay Kenny Miracle Trust Fund

    Charity inspiration interview - Shay Kenny Miracle Trust Fund

    In our latest inspiring interview, we talk to Marc Kenny from Aylesbury. His fundraising journey began when he and his wife discovered their 14 month old son, Shay, had a condition called PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia), which affects both his speech and mobility.

  • The Olney-Newton Link

    Charity inspiration interview - Olney Newton Link

    Every few weeks we put a charity trustee in the hot seat and interview them about their organisation.

  • Birth Trauma Association

    Charity inspiration interview - Birth Trauma Association

    We spoke to Lucy Jolin from the Birth Trauma Association (BTA) this week to get an insight into this fantastic charity, its aims and how it works.

  • Laughter in Mind

    Charity inspiration interview - Laughter in Mind

    Laughter in Mind has a unique concept – they offer fun, flexible and interactive training packages to help improve overall well-being.

  • Life Amid Debt

    Charity inspiration interview - Life Amid Debt

    Debt is something that can happen to us all. No-one knows this more so than Ann Fryer, the brainchild of Life Amid Debt (LAD).

  • SELF logo

    Charity inspiration interview - SELF

    SELF is a suicide awareness, prevention and support non-profit organisation based on the Isle of Wight.