HR tips for professionals

  • A small business have a meeting with an outsourced freelancer.

    How outsourcing helps small businesses a guide to external partnerships

    In this article, we examine how outsourcing can be beneficial to small businesses and look at the kinds of services that can be contracted out today.

  • A doctor taking a patient's blood pressure.

    Can you get sick pay if you are self-employed?

    Many workers are drawn to the idea of going self-employed. But one of the things that can deter people from making the jump is the question of what happens if you get sick. After all, self-employed workers don’t usually have the same entitlements and benefits as employees.

  • A business owner chatting to her employee in the office.

    How to prepare for a performance appraisal

    Performance appraisals are undoubtedly a popular HR tool. Typically, these reviews are something that businesses carry out with employees.

  • A man waving to colleagues on a video call as he is introduced to his new team.

    How to onboard remote workers

    The number of people working remotely has risen sharply over recent years, and this trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Business partners shaking hands.

    What is a silent business partner?

    If your company needs the extra funding that can come from entering a business partnership, but you don’t want to have to share the decision making, a silent partnership might be a good solution. But what exactly is this type of business arrangement?

  • A business owner sat in a meeting room with her employees, working from an iPad.

    How to effectively manage your staff through change

    Change is inevitable in life and in business. Like people, organisations grow and change so they can adapt to the changing way of the business world. An organisation’s inability to change could become its Achilles heel if it isn’t careful, which could result in the organisation being left behind by its competitors.

  • A manager completes an employee performance review form.

    What is a performance review?

    Performance reviews are a popular management tool used by businesses of all sizes. But what exactly are they and how should you go about conducting them as a business owner or manager?

  • A small business owner working on knitted crafts.

    Do I need insurance to sell handmade crafts in the UK?

    Handmade crafts are big business in the UK. According to the Crafts Council, the value of the industry has increased from £883m in 2006 to over £3b in 2020. And the beauty of it is, almost anyone can start their own crafts business.

  • A company director talking to a lawyer.

    When can a director be held liable for negligence?

    Being the director of a company brings with it a lot of responsibility. This not only includes shaping a business’ strategy going forward, it also incorporates a certain duty of care for the business and all stakeholders. This includes employees as well as customers.

  • The definition of ‘liability’ in a dictionary.

    Are employers liable for employee actions?

    It’s generally accepted that employers have a duty of care when it comes to their employees. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 states that every employer in the UK is responsible for the health and safety of their staff while they are at work.