Start up tips

  • The table of content page of a business plan.

    How to write an executive summary for a business plan

    All new businesses should have a business plan. These documents outline the goals an owner has for their new organisation and sets out a plan of action to achieve them.

  • A young woman creates a business plan.

    What should a business plan include?

    If you’re in the process of starting your own business, you may have been advised to draw up a business plan - but what is this and what does it look like?

  • Wha the self-employed job market tell us about the future of working life

    'The Great Resignation': Experts Reveal What The Future Of The Self-Employed Sphere Looks Like

    In this post, we take a look at ongoing developments in the jobs market, including among entrepreneurs and freelancers. We also present insights from a range of experts on what these changes can tell us about the future of working life.

  • An online craft seller holding an aeroplane model.

    Why do online crafts sellers need insurance?

    We have experienced a rapid rise in the number of crafts makers and crafts sellers in recent years, which is fueled by the demand for artisan, original pieces of art, jewellery, and clothing etc.

  • An online craft seller holding an aeroplane model.

    What insurance do I need to sell products online? A guide to product liability insurance.

    In this guide, we explain what product liability insurance is, what is can protect you against and why online sellers may need it.

  • A private tutor teaching a teenage student.

    How to start a tutoring business

    Starting your own tutoring business can be a great way to make use of your teaching expertise outside of a formal school environment, while also enabling you to make a good living as your own boss.

  • Tips for protecting your photography business

    Protecting your photography business

    The creative industry is estimated to be worth £13 million every hour to the UK economy. That’s testament to the hard work of the industry’s professionals. As a professional photographer, you will value your business as much as your clients do. That’s why it’s important to safeguard the future of your career by taking the right steps to protect every element of your business.

  • Setting up your business as a freelancer

    Setting up as a freelancer

    Taking the leap and becoming a freelancer can be an exciting time. You’re able to pick and choose your own projects, set your workload and don’t have to report to the boss. But it also means you’re in charge of paying taxes, staying insured and bringing in new work.

  • Should I become a contractor?

    Should I become a contractor?

    If you have a skill or expertise it’s important to put it to good use. While you might well lead a long and fulfilling career in employment, you may also benefit from the rewards to be had by becoming a contractor.

  • What's the difference between a freelancer, consultant and contractor?

    What's the difference between a freelancer, consultant and contractor?

    More than 4.8 million people in the UK are now enjoying the self-employed life. Many love the freedom of being able to make work revolve around their personal life. Others relish the opportunity to break free from the constraints of traditional office working.