6 essential apps for freelancers

6 essential apps for freelancers

Apps are an effective way of keeping organised and boosting overall productivity. Staying on top of projects can be a real challenge for busy freelancers, but using the right apps can make life a lot easier.

Being able to handle your business on-the-go can minimise dead time and means you don't have to wait until you're back at your desk to get something done. Here are some of the best apps out there for freelance professionals.


Possibly the most recommended and popular app amongst freelancers, Dropbox enables you to gather all your documents, videos and photos together and share them easily. If you are working on a project with various contributors, Dropbox allows you to share files much more quickly and accurately than sending e-mails. Wherever you are, Dropbox can be accessed from any computer, tablet or phone. Dropbox offers 2GB of basic storage space for free.



OnTrees allows you to manage your finances in one place - essentially acting as an online accountant. By tracking and budgeting, you can see your outgoings and work out where you can make savings. All you need to do is add your bank accounts, and OnTrees safely and securely categorises and organises your transactions. A great app to help you budget.



Ever struggle to find a meeting time coworkers and clients can all make? This app allows you to suggest five potential dates and times, and then let the attendees decide which is most convenient for them. In addition, it features free teleconferencing and integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal.



With an easy to read, magazine-style interface, Flipboard allows you to read about your industry. Like your own personal magazine, it brings you news on topics you care about and connects you to your closest contacts by adding social media channels. As the name suggests, you 'flip' through the pages, and can e-mail specific stories to clients or contacts who may be interested.


Billings Touch

This app allows you to send invoices on-the-move, check receipts and can work on its own or be synced with Billings for Mac. It also includes a handy timer for measuring time spent on your client's project and automatically generates the invoice.



One of the most well-designed 'to-do list' apps out there, Clear does what it says on the tin; it is a simple checklist app that colour codes lists to make it easy for you to see what needs doing first. Although it's only available for Apple products currently, it makes great use of the multitouch features built into iOS and syncs with iCloud.


Please note: Markel do not endorse or recommend any one product and this information is intended as a guide only.

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