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From hanging doors and installing shelving, to building furniture and making timber frames, it’s likely you’re used to carrying out a number of challenging tasks as a carpenter or joiner.

Since your role requires a lot of time, effort and skill, it makes sense to ensure your business is suitably protected should the worst happen.

At Markel, we provide carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance for businesses of all sizes. You can trust us to help you find cover that protects your finances.

What is carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance?

Carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance is designed to financially protect your business should something go wrong. From insurance for your carpentry equipment and joinery tools to public and employers’ liability insurance, we offer a wide range of different policies to ensure your business is fully protected.

We can tailor our products to ensure they suit you, giving you peace of mind that you’re covered, regardless of what might happen.

Do I need carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance?

Accidents happen, even if you take every safety precaution. You may think you’re being extra careful by keeping your tools safe and locking your work van. But things can still go wrong. So it’s important to ensure that your business is suitably covered. Without the right type of insurance, your business will be much more vulnerable. This will leave you to pick up the costs of any claims made against you.

For example, if you are installing shelving units in the utility room of a customer’s home but you accidentally scuff the work surface, you may have a claim made against you and your business. The truth is, legal fees and compensation costs can mount up. So to avoid financial fallout, it’s a good idea to have insurance in place. This will mean you don’t need to worry about picking up the cost. 

Joiners’ and carpenters’ insurance can also protect you against any claims made by your employees. For instance, if an employee sustains an injury, such as a deep cut on their hand while using a cutting tool, they may pursue a personal injury claim. Having employers’ liability insurance in place means you won’t need to pay any compensation out of your own pocket. In fact, you are legally obligated to have this insurance in place with at least £5 million of cover.

Carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance can also provide cover for your tools and materials, as well as protection for your premises.

Why choose Markel for carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance?

At Markel, we appreciate just how important your business is to you. That’s why we offer insurance policies that have been specially designed to protect you and your finances in times of trouble. Check out some of the reasons why you should choose Markel for your carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance.

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Provided by our insurance partners at Caunce O’Hara starting from £71* a year, premiums are affordable and there are no hidden fees, meaning you won’t end up paying more than you’re quoted for.

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How much does carpenters’ insurance cost?

The cost of your carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your business. This could also include the type of work you carry out and if you have any employees. Your premium may also depend on the type of equipment you use. Provided by our insurance partners at Caunce O’Hara, insurance policies start from £71 a year.

* Price based on a carpenter/locksmith requiring £1 million public liability insurance cover.

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Cover starting from £71 a year

What insurance do carpenters and joiners need?

  • Public liability insurance

    Public liability insurance for carpenters and joiners provides financial protection against claims made by members of the general public. Sometimes referred to as general liability insurance for carpenters and joiners, this type of insurance ranges from £1 million to £5 million and covers you against claims from individuals who may have experienced property damage or sustained an injury as a result of your business.

    Example of a claim:

    A shelf you have installed falls down and injures your client. They pursue legal action to make a claim against you for compensation.

  • Employers’ liability insurance

    Employers’ liability insurance is a must if you have people working on behalf of your business. In fact, you are required by law to have this type of protection in place with a minimum of £5 million worth of cover. Employers’ liability insurance protects you against claims made by your employees for injuries they sustain while they’re carrying out their job or illnesses they develop due to their work.

    Example of a claim:

    An employee is building a piece of furniture and severely injures their hand with a hammer. They take legal action against you as their employer, submitting a personal injury claim for their injuries and loss of earnings while they are unable to work.

  • Legal expenses insurance

    Legal expenses insurance covers you if you become involved in a legal dispute, such as a personal injury claim or tax enquiry. Markel offers legal expenses cover of up to £100,000.

  • Cyber and data risks insurance

    Cyber and data risks insurance provides protection if your IT system is compromised by a security breach. This policy covers the costs of restoring your data and equipment, informing your customers of the breach, meeting ransom demands and much more.

  • Occupational personal accident insurance

    Occupational personal accident insurance protects you financially if you are no longer able to work due to an injury you have experienced while carrying out your job. It also covers you for injuries sustained while travelling to or from work. This insurance provides either weekly payments or one lump sum, depending on the injury you have sustained.

  • Money and personal assault insurance

    Money and personal assault insurance covers the costs associated with the loss or theft of money from your business premises or while in transit. This cover also includes financial help for those who sustain injuries in the event of a robbery.

  • Directors and officers insurance

    Directors and officers insurance provides cover if you need to defend yourself as an director or officer of your joinery or carpentry business from allegations that you have acted wrongfully.

  • Portable equipment insurance (Tools insurance)

    Portable equipment insurance provides cover for the cost of replacing your tools in the event they are stolen, damaged or misplaced. With limits ranging from £1,000 to £5,000 per person, you don’t need to worry about picking up the cost of repurchasing your most important equipment so that you can continue with your work.

    Example of a claim:

    Your work van is broken into and some of your equipment is stolen, leaving you with the expense of having to replace these tools.

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Cover starting from £71 a year

Frequently asked questions

  • When should I get carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance?

    We recommend that you purchase a suitable insurance policy as soon as possible. Ideally, you should have cover in place before you start any work for a client. This will ensure that your business is fully protected from the outset.

  • Do I need carpenters’ and joiners’ insurance if I’m self-employed?

    Even if you are a self-employed joiner or carpenter, it’s important that you’re suitably insured. Things can go wrong when you least expect it, even when you think you’re in control. So it pays to purchase an appropriate policy that fully protects you and your business. At Markel, we provide insurance policies for joiners and carpenters who work alone. This means you can relax in the knowledge you’re covered should the worst happen.

  • How is Markel regulated?

    Markel is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Find out more on the Financial Services Register.

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