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Our specialist business insurance for electricians, offered by Caunce O’Hara (a division of Markel), has been tailored to provide you with expert cover you can rely on. Whether you’re working on installations, repair works, conducting tests or managing employees, our flexible insurance can keep you protected.

What is electricians’ insurance?

Electrician insurance is designed to protect you against the unexpected.

If something goes wrong during a project, working with electricity can make the consequences of a mistake very serious. Our electrician’s insurance can be tailored to protect your business against a wide range of scenarios, including the legal costs and compensation payments that are involved with a claim.

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Why do electricians need insurance?

A mistake in your wiring or equipment being left out on site could cause your client to have an accident and lead to them claiming compensation or even taking legal action against you.

If you are found to be responsible for the injury, you could be left with eye wateringly high legal fees – and compensation payments - that could have a devastating impact on your business.

Our electrician’s insurance can cover you against these scenarios and many more, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on your work.

What does electricians’ insurance cover?

Electricians’ insurance covers a range of circumstances, including:

Property damage
This could include something as simple as damaging a client’s furnishings, such as their flooring, or something as serious as causing a fire in someone’s home due to faulty electrics you’ve worked on.

You have your equipment laid out nearby as you work. Your client trips and falls over your equipment causing a fracture to their wrist that leaves them unable to work for 6 weeks. They make a personal injury claim against you.

As well as clients, your employees could also be injured on site while working for you, for example if they fell off a ladder and hit their head. This could leave you footing the bill for legal costs and compensation due to your employee.

Tools and trade materials theft or damage
After a long shift, you park your work van on your drive and head inside. You fall asleep, forgetting to move your tools into the garage. The next morning, you find that your rear van door has been broken into and your tools stolen, which means you have to cancel your work for the day.

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How to buy electricians insurance

Get your quote for electricians’ insurance online today. Provided by our insurance partners at Caunce O’Hara, all you need to do is fill in a few details about your business using their fast and simple online quote form.

From there you’ll be able to select the types of insurance you’re interested in and receive a personalised quote.

If you are happy with your quote and would like to purchase your insurance, you can get covered immediately or up to 30 days in advance.

How much does electricians’ insurance cost?

The price of electrician’s insurance varies depending on a number of factors including:

  • the types of cover you purchase
  • the level of cover you require
  • the size of your business.

Provided by our insurance partners at Caunce O’Hara, electricians insurance starts from only £7.50 per month.

There are no hidden fees or cancellations fees if you wish to cancel a policy.

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Cover starting at just £7.50 a month

Build an electricians insurance policy to suit you

  • Public liability insurance

    If a member of the public, client or supplier is injured during the course of your work, electrician public liability insurance will cover the cost of defending your business.

    Electrician liability insurance will also cover property damage caused by your business activities, for example if you accidently cracked the wall while drilling in the plug sockets or you damage a client’s expensive carpet, requiring it to be replaced.

    Your legal costs and compensation payments that may be due if you are found to be at fault will be covered by electricians’ public liability insurance. If you work on a contract with another business, they may require you to have public liability insurance in place before work can begin.

    Working in clients’ home and around members of the public every day makes public liability insurance a key type of insurance for self-employed electricians.

    Limits range from £1 million to £5 million.

  • Employer’s liability insurance

    If you have any employees, employers’ liability insurance with a minimum level of £5 million of cover, is a legal requirement. This cover protects against injury or illness claims from employees which have occurred due to their employment at your company.

    This for example could include an employee falling off a ladder and injuring their back which leaves them unable to work for months and needing physiotherapy.

    If you employ any staff, electricians’ employers’ liability insurance is essential.

    Limits range from £5 million to £10 million.

  • Portable equipment insurance (Tools insurance)

    Your tools are essential to your job. If they are misplaced, stolen or damaged, it could stop you from working.

    While your tools might be secure locked away at home, when you’re working in client homes or on site, it becomes more difficult to ensure that your equipment is always safe with opportunist using more sophisticated ways to break into vehicles.

    With portable equipment insurance, the cost of replacing your equipment is covered, helping you to get back to work sooner.

    Limits range from £1,000 to £5,000.

  • Legal expenses insurance

    Legal expenses insurance will pay your legal costs and expenses for the following:

    • Contract disputes
    • Tax enquiry (including IR35)
    • Attending jury service
    • Dealing with debt recovery
    • Personal injury
    • Employment disputes

    It will also cover you if a client takes legal action against you for a mistake you have made, meaning you won’t have to use your own finances to cover legal expenses.

    If for example an employee accuses you of not paying them correctly for the overtime they worked, legal expenses insurance will cover the cost of your defence and any compensation that might be owed if your case is unsuccessful.

    Another example of where legal expenses insurance can cover you is if a client doesn’t pay you for your work, which unfortunately is something self-employed professionals commonly experience.

    The limit of indemnity for legal expenses insurance is £100,000.

  • Cyber and data risks insurance

    If you store any data electronically connected to your business or clients, you could be at risk of a cyber-attack.

    Cyber and data risks insurance can help to cover the financial costs caused by a cyber-attack. This could include:

    -       Restoring client data and IT equipment

    -       Informing relevant stakeholders of the attack

    -       Meeting ransom demands

    -       Loss of net profits for the client

    Cyber and data risks insurance for electricianswill cover the legal costs and financial implications you may face after a cyber-attack. Cyber attacks are increasingly common and unfortunately there are lots of opportunities for hackers to access sensitive data. For example, you might receive an email from your accounting software provider and follow the link to login, but little did you know, it was a phishing email from an individual pretending to be your accounting software provider.

    If you store any confidential data on your electronic devices including mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, this cover may be worth considering.

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Cover starting at just £7.50 a month

Frequently asked questions

  • I need to arrange electricians’ insurance to start work – do you provide proof of cover?

    Yes. We provide a dedicated 'Confirmation of Liability Insurance' document (detailing the cover you have with us) as part of the documents that are emailed to you when you purchase your policy with us. If you work on contracts with other businesses, you can present this document to clients as proof that you are insured.

  • What limit of cover should I choose?

    Industry bodies and individual clients (if you work on contracts with businesses rather than individuals) will have different regulatory requirements which may determine the minimum levels of cover you need to begin a contract. Before arranging cover with us, it may be worth checking this.

    If you work in individuals’ homes or for smaller businesses where none of your clients specify the cover you need, or you have never arranged cover before, give some thought to a worst-case scenario to work out the most likely risks you face in your business, and how much it would cost to sort out the issue.

    With our insurance there are a range of cover limits, giving you the flexibility to create the cover that’s right for your business.

  • Why should I choose Markel’s insurance?

    Markel has over 25 years of experience insuring contractors, consultants and self-employed professionals. We insure over 200,000 micro businesses and are highly rated by our customers at Feefo.com.

    We are a division of Markel International, a Lloyd’s and London market insurer that wrote gross premium totals of £1.09bn in 2020.

    To talk about your insurance requirements and better understand our cover, call us on 0333 242 8215 or get a quick quote online.

  • How do I make a claim?

    We do everything we can to make our claims process as hassle-free and painless as possible. Visit our claims page to find out how to make a claim and read about our award-winning claims service.

  • How are Markel regulated?

    Markel is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority – details of which you’ll find on the Financial Services Register.

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Cover starting at just £7.50 a month