Qualities of successful freelancers

Qualities of successful freelancers

The most successful freelancers think like entrepreneurs.

In order to grow your business, you need to have certain personality traits that enable you to successfully find clients, and keep them, all whilst managing your finances and focusing on pushing your business forward. Below is a list of the qualities that separate the best freelancers from the ordinary.


Without self-discipline, no freelancer would succeed. There will be numerous chances for you to carry out other tasks during the day: housework, meeting friends, surfing the net. However, it is vital that you stay focused and set yourself working hours in order to succeed.


Whilst money isn't everything, it's important to keep a close eye on your finances. The most common reason for small businesses failing is a lack of cash flow; if you don't have money coming in, you won't be able to sustain working as a freelancer.

Good time management

A successful freelancer will accurately track time spent on projects to ensure they are paid fairly, and will be able to give a rough estimate on how long a task will take.


If you are motivated, you are also likely to be confident, driven and responsible. Freelancing isn't for everyone, especially people who want direction in their role. Motivation means you think and act like an entrepreneur and, as a result, are likely to have the necessary drive to suceed.


In order to be taken seriously as a freelancer, you need to earn the trust of your client. This means you communicate well, keep your promises, do your job within the agreed time scale and maintain high-quality standards.


With freelancing, no two days are the same. Just as your projects will vary hugely in size and complexity, so will your working hours. As a freelancer, you must be ready to adapt and learn.

Good networking skills

Networking is of paramount importance to any freelancer, whether this is in the form of online or offline activity. Make the effort to go to networking events, and take plenty of business cards along with you. Online networking is also hugely beneficial, especially via channels such as blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Finally, a good freelancer is positive and optimistic. While freelancing life is by no means easy, there are significant rewards to be reaped and it's the ideal role for those who want to be challenged.

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