What insurance do teachers and private tutors need?

Teachers and private tutor insurance - are you covered?

While all teachers and private tutors take great pride in their work, the fact is that insurance claims can arise from the most unlikely quarters, often through no fault of your own and sometime after you taught a particular student.

The risks you face can be wide ranging - from students tripping over while in your home - or premises you are renting - all the way through to dissatisfied parents suing you for a lack of progress or exam failure.

That's why we have created this short guide, which discusses some of the main risks faced by teachers and tutors, together with the essential role played by various insurance covers.

Public liability insurance for teachers and private tutors

Public liability insurance covers against allegations of injury to a third party as a result of your negligence – for example, if a student or accompanying parent slipped, tripped for fell over and injured themselves on your premises. You would be covered against the legal costs, as well as any compensation payable to them, should they bring a claim against you for their injuries.

Public liability insurance also covers against accidental damage to third party property. Let's assume that, during a lesson, you accidentally knock a glass of water over your student's laptop, and the parents bring a claim against you for the cost to repair it. Public liability insurance would cover you in such an instance.

Professional indemnity insurance for teachers and private tutors

Professional indemnity insurance covers against allegations of professional negligence – such as making a mistake in your work, or providing an inadequate service to your customers.

Regardless of your professional qualifications and teaching experience, things don't always go to plan. If you were to make a simple oversight which led to part of a curriculum being taught incorrectly, or if a student were to underperform in their exams through no fault of your own, legal action may be taken against you by the student's parents, alleging that your service was not of an adequate standard.

Claims like these can lead to legal costs (even just to defend the allegation) as well as compensation if the defence of your claim is unsuccessful. The costs of such a scenario are not small, and every teacher and private tutor should give consideration to professional indemnity insurance.

Employer's liability insurance for teachers and private tutors

As most teachers and private tutors work alone, employer's liability insurance isn't usually necessary.

However, as soon as you employ even one person, the law demands that you carry a minimum of £5m worth of employer's liability insurance.

This ensures that anyone you employ or work with is covered should they be injured or become ill as a result of their employment with you; for example, if an employee was to trip over at your premises and injure themselves.

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