15 remote working tools for freelancers

15 remote working tools for freelancers

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused freelancers to spend more time working from home than ever. Working remotely has huge benefits but it’s important to have the right technology in place to keep work running smoothly and be as productive as possible.

The question is: what remote working tools are available to freelancers? We've outlined some of the most popular options for below, across cloud storage, project management tools, team chat, screen sharing and security tools.

Cloud storage

Accessing files in the cloud rather than a local hard drive is a game changer for interacting with clients, and cloud storage solutions like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox offer a fast and easy way to share files with clients securely. Most cloud providers offer a basic plan for free, but if you regularly use large files (e.g. for media such as photo or video) you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan with more storage.

Project management

With clients' expectations higher than ever, having a project management tool can help you organise your workload effectively. Monday, Zoho and Asana are all options for tracking project delivery, including Gannt charts and to-do lists. They also allow you to share access with clients so they can keep track of progress and view assets.

Team chat

Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom are all useful tools for keeping in touch with teams. Slack's chat interface makes it particularly useful for teams working across multiple projects/clients/sprints through the use of different chat 'streams'. Microsoft Teams and Zoom both offer audio and video chat which is vital for keeping your workforce engaged during lockdown, and keeping a face-to-face rapport with clients.

Screen sharing

Sometimes it's much easier to show someone something rather than explain it, and screen sharing apps enable this. Google Hangouts, Join.Me and Skype all offer screen sharing functionality that can be particularly useful if you are collaborating on a document, showing an existing client some amends or performing a demo for a potential new customer.

Security tools

Keeping your work devices secure has never been more important, with cyber crime and phishing attempts on the increase since the start of the pandemic. Avast, MalwareBytes and AVG all offer freemium options which will allow you to secure your system at a low cost, with the option to upgrade for more advanced protection. Any freelancer who works with sensitive data (either their client's or their own) should consider having a security tool on their devices; it takes only a few minutes to install and could prevent a targeted cyber-attack or data breach occurring.