Andrew Smith

Volunteer and founder, Hull Homeless Community Project

 A headshot of Hull Homeless Community Project Volunteer and founder, Andrew Smith.

Andrew Smith, 34 and from South Cave in East Yorkshire, launched the Hull Homeless Community Project project with his two young sons after deciding the homeless in Hull should no longer be ignored.

The group began by spending weekend afternoons in the city handing out flasks of hot drinks to the homeless, before expanding into collecting hats, scarves and gloves to give out to the cold and hungry.

More recently, the group has invested in a pop-up kitchen in the city centre, offering bowls of soup, stews and hot drinks. Andrew, a military veteran that suffered injuries from his duties, has battled his own anxieties in setting up the project, as well as inspiring others to overcome theirs.

He juggles his charity work around bringing up his children as a single father, working a full time job and going into schools to raise awareness on the topic of homelessness.