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Whether you specialise in wedding cakes or you’re an expert at decorating cupcakes, there’s no doubt you pour your heart and soul into your cake making business.

From anniversaries and birthdays, to retirements and baby showers, it’s likely you add a personal touch to all your bakes. Since you spend so much time and effort perfecting your delicious masterpieces, it only seems right to protect your craft - and taking out a suitable insurance policy is the first step.

At Markel, we have 25 years worth of experience in providing business insurance, meaning we’re perfectly placed to help you find cake maker insurance that suits you.

What is cake maker insurance?

Whether you work from a shop or at home, cake maker insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your business in times of trouble. From property damage insurance to employer and public liability protection for cake makers, there are a wide range of policies available to ensure that you’re suitably insured in the event of unexpected financial fallout. 

Do I need cake makers’ insurance?

The truth is, owning a business isn’t always a piece of cake. From whipping up a wedding cake, to creating custom-made cupcakes, to baking bespoke brownies for your customers, whatever it is that you’re making and selling, your business will require some level of protection. If you lack insurance, you will not be covered financially should something go wrong.

For instance, if you sell a cake to a customer and they become seriously ill or experience an allergic reaction from eating it, they could make a claim against you and your business. As a result, you could face significant legal and compensation costs. Having appropriate public and product liability insurance in place means that you needn’t worry about having to cover these costs out of your own pocket.

Cake makers insurance can also protect you against any claims made against you by your workers. In fact, if you have employees, you are legally required to take out employer’s liability insurance. This type of cover protects you if an employee becomes unwell or is injured as a result of their work - for example if they trip over a box or cut their hand using a cake decorating tool. Our cake maker insurance can also include cover for your equipment, fixtures, fitting and even your premises, protecting you against unwanted events such as thefts, floods and fires.

Our insurance for cake makers means you can have added peace of mind that your business is protected should the worst happen.

Why choose Markel for cake maker insurance?

We appreciate that your cake making business is important. That’s why our specialist insurance can be tailored to protect you. Here are just some of the reasons why you should take out a policy with Markel:

Cover that’s designed to suit you
Our insurance for home bakers and those who are shop-based can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your cake making business.

Policies at the right price
Our cake maker insurance policies give you the protection you need at an affordable price. Cover is available from £5 a month.

Put your trust in us
We are a division of Markel International and a London market insurer. We accumulated gross premium totals of £1.09bn in 2020.

Get a quote today
Our online form can provide you with a quote in just 90 seconds.

Positive customer feedback
We are highly rated by our customers at, and we currently insure over 200,000 micro businesses up and down the UK.

How much does cake makers’ insurance cost?

The cost of your cake makers’ insurance will depend on a wide range of factors, such as the size of your business and how much cover you need. Whatever your business’ individual requirements are, you’ll be able to find affordable options starting from £5 a month when you choose Markel.

*Price based on a cake maker requiring £50,000 of professional indemnity insurance cover.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Tailor your cake makers' insurance in minutes with these covers

  • Public and product liability insurance

    Public and product liability insurance protects you against claims made by members of the public who have been injured or had their property damaged as a result of your business. Public liability insurance for cake makers can cover you against claims by third parties, and you can choose from policies with limits varying from £1 million to £5 million.

    Example of a claim:

    A customer experiences a severe allergic reaction after eating a cake you’ve made. As a result, they make a personal injury claim against you to seek compensation. Public and product liability covers you for any legal or compensation costs involved.

  • Professional indemnity insurance

     If you provide professional services for a fee, such as designs or advice, as part of your cake making business, you may benefit from taking out professional indemnity insurance. This type of policy covers compensation costs and legal fees from a third-party claim made against you due to an error you have made in providing this service.

  • Employers' liability insurance

    If you have employees, you are legally required to have employers' liability insurance in place of at least £5 million. This insurance covers your business from compensation claims made by your employees if they become injured or ill while carrying out their job.

    Example of a claim:

    An employee suffers a burn on their hand while removing a cake from the oven. The employee pursues legal action for compensation for their injury and loss of earnings.

  • Property damage insurance

    Property damage insurance provides cover for any costs involved with the repair or replacement of your business premises and its contents. This insurance provides cover for accidental loss or damage caused by floods, fires and theft. Our property damage policies include portable equipment too. Check out our office and business equipment insurance to find out more.

    Example of a claim:

    A fire breaks out in your business premises, destroying your equipment and stock. Having property damage insurance in place means you won’t face the cost of replacing these items yourself.

  • Legal expenses insurance

    Legal expenses insurance covers the costs of any legal disputes, including tax enquiries, personal injury claims and debt recovery claims. At Markel, we offer a legal expenses cover worth up to £100,000.

  • Cyber insurance

    Cyber insurance is especially important if you sell your baked goods via an online store. This insurance protects you in the event of a data breach, covering costs such as restoring data, meeting ransom demands, informing customers and loss of profits. Our cyber policies also cover legal fees and compensation you may be required to pay third parties.

    Example of a claim:

    Your IT system is hacked during a cyber-attack and your customers’ sensitive data is compromised, including payment details. Cyber insurance covers the costs of any legal action taken against you by third parties, such as your customers, as a result of this data breach.

  • Occupational personal accident insurance

    Occupational personal accident insurance protects you if you are unable to work as a result of an injury you suffered at work. Depending on the type of injury sustained, our occupational personal accident cover provides either weekly payments or one lump sum.

  • Money and personal assault insurance

    Money and personal assault insurance covers the costs associated with the theft or loss of money from your business premises or while in transit. This cover also includes financial help for those who may be injured during a robbery.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Frequently asked questions

  • When should I get cake makers’ insurance?

    At Markel, we encourage cake making businesses to take out insurance as soon as possible. Ideally, you should have a suitable policy in place before making or selling your goods. This will ensure that you’re not caught out should something go wrong.

  • Does cake makers’ insurance cover events?

    Regardless of whether you’ve made a cake for a wedding or you’re selling your masterpieces at a village bake sale, having the right type of insurance in place means that you and your business will be protected against third party damage or injury during a wide range of events, including fairs, fetes and markets.

  • Do I need cake makers’ insurance if I work from home?

    If you operate your business from your own home but you have customers visiting your property to pick up orders or you visit them to make deliveries, you are still interacting with the general public. This means that you would benefit from having public liability insurance for home bakers in place. You may also want to ensure your home is covered by a suitable property damage policy.

  • How is Markel regulated?

    Markel is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. You can find more details about this on the Financial Services Register.

Access exclusive services for your cake making business - included as standard

In addition to comprehensive cover, insuring with Markel means you enjoy access to unique services for your cake making business at no additional cost (when the relevant section of cover is purchased).

24 hour legal helpline  24 hour legal advice helpline

When you insure with Markel, you'll benefit from 24/7 telephone access to a qualified solicitor at no additional cost. Expert legal advice can be costly when you're working for yourself and it's difficult to know who to turn to for a trustworthy answer. Whether it's a question on health and safety, employment law, legal structures for your business or how to handle a difficult client, an experienced team of solicitors are on hand day and night to help you with any business-related legal queries. Included as standard with all policies.

Legal hub access Markel Business Hub access

In addition to our 24 hour legal helpline, you'll have access to the Markel Business Hub - an award winning online resource of legal and business guides, templates and content written and created by our team of expert solicitors. Instantly download ready-made contracts, policies, procedures and guidance you can use for your business - without paying any expensive legal fees. Included as standard with all policies.

  Fee dispute service

As every self-employed cake maker knows, customers don't always pay on time and chasing unpaid fees/invoices costs time and money. Mindful of the impact this has on your business, we offer our policyholders access to a unique fee dispute helpline operated by one of the UK's leading law firms, who will provide specialist legal guidance and support on fee dispute issues. Included as standard with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

  Public relations crisis management service

In today's 24 hour news culture, public relations disasters can occur at any time. Having to deal with the press whilst managing a difficult situation can be hugely stressful as well as being a potential minefield. When there is a risk to your business as a result of negative press attention, our specialist public relations crisis management firm, The Counsel House, will work with you to help manage allegations of fraud, injury caused to employees or the public, and official investigations into your company's affairs. Included as standard with public liability and professional indemnity insurance, directors and officers insurance, cyber and data risks insurance and legal representation and employment disputes insurance.

Cyber response helpline

If you're the victim of a targeted cyber attack, our cyber response helpline provides access to specialist solicitors and information security experts who will give expert legal and technical IT security guidance on the issues arising from cyber and data protection risks. Included as standard with cyber and data risks insurance.

Cover starting at £5 a month