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Whatever you sell online, whether it’s handmade jewellery, baked treats, vintage clothes or anything else, you’ll need insurance.

Even though your business is on the web, it’s just as real as a bricks and mortar store. This means there are still risks you have to protect yourself against. Without the right cover, your finances could be under threat if the unexpected happens. From your stock being damaged or stolen to a customer being injured by one of your products, a lot can go wrong.

At Markel, we offer excellent value online retailer insurance that can protect you against risks like these, and many more. 

What is ecommerce insurance?

Business insurance for online retailers is there to protect you against the financial risks connected to selling products on the internet. It can include different types of cover, from public and product liability insurance for online retailers, to property insurance, to cyber and data risks insurance.

We offer tailored policies designed to meet your specific needs, giving you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to secure the future of your business.

Why do I need insurance for my online shop?

Running any retail business involves certain risks. What if there is a break-in, fire or flood that results in your stock being damaged or stolen? Would you be able to afford to replace the affected items yourself? Or perhaps a product you sell causes a customer to be injured or become sick and this triggers an expensive compensation claim. In a case like this, could your finances cope with the legal fees and damages owed

There are many other potential problems that could put financial strain on your business too. From supply chain issues or technical failures that prevent you from processing or fulfilling orders to cyber-attacks that compromise customer data, you need to be ready for anything. The right financial protection will mean you’re not left out of pocket in cases like these.

You might be required to take out certain types of insurance too. For example, if you have employees, you have a legal obligation to purchase employer’s liability insurance.

Why choose Markel for online shop insurance?

When you’re looking for financial protection for your business, you want an insurer you can trust. That’s where we come in. Here are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to choose Markel as your cover provider.

✔ Happy customers

We always put our customers at the heart of what we do. This is reflected in the excellent customer ratings we have on

✔ Great value cover

Because we offer tailored ecommerce insurance policies, you’ll only pay for the cover you actually need. And our pricing is transparent too, so you won’t be hit by unexpected fees. 

✔ Legal advice when you need it

You never know when you might need access to legal advice, which is why we provide a 24/7 legal helpline run by experienced solicitors.

✔ Quick quotes

Get a quote from us in as little as 90 seconds. Simply enter your details on our online form and we’ll crunch the numbers.

✔ 25 years’ experience

We’ve been providing businesses with insurance for more than a quarter of a century and know exactly what our customers are looking for. 

How much does online shop insurance cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pricing. The cost of your cover will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your ecommerce business and the types of cover you need. The easiest way to find out how much your insurance will cost is to get a quote online.

*Price based on an online retailer requiring £50,000 of cyber and data risks insurance cover.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Tailor your online retailer insurance in minutes with these covers

  • Public and product liability insurance

    Public and product liability insurance ensures that you’re protected against claims made by members of the general public who have sustained an injury, become unwell or had their property damaged as a result of your business. Having craft stall public liability insurance in place means you will be covered against third party claims. You can choose from policies with £1 million to £5 million worth of cover.

    Example of a claim:

    A customer sustains a deep cut on their hand while handling a piece of art made from metal at your stall. They go on to make a personal injury claim, seeking compensation. Public and product liability insurance covers you for this, plus any legal fees.

  • Professional indemnity insurance

    If you provide professional services for a fee, such as designs or advice, as part of your business, you may benefit from taking out professional indemnity insurance. This covers compensation and legal costs associated with claims made by third parties.

  • Employers' liability insurance

    If you have employees working for you, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance in place of at least £5 million. This ensures your business is covered for any compensation claims made against you by your employees if they become injured or ill while carrying out their job.

    Example of a claim:

    While setting up your stall, an employee drops a heavy box of stock on their foot. They make a claim for compensation for the injury and lost earnings.

  • Property damage insurance

    Property damage insurance provides financial cover for costs involved with the replacement or repair of your business premises and its contents. This insurance provides cover for accidental loss or damage caused by fires, theft and floods. Our property damage policies include portable equipment too. Head over to our office and business equipment insurance page to find out more.

    Example of a claim:

    Some of your crafts are stolen from your stall. Property damage insurance means you needn’t worry about the costs of having to replace these items.

  • Legal expenses insurance


    Available up to a value of £100,000 legal expenses insurance covers the costs of legal disputes. This can include the costs associated with personal injury and debt recovery claims.

  • Cyber insurance

    If you also sell your products online, you might benefit fromcyber insurance. This type of cover protects you in the event of a data breach and can help provide financial help with informing customers, loss of profits and restoring data.

  • Occupational personal accident insurance

    Occupational personal accident insurance protects you if you’re unable to continue to work as a result of an injury you suffered doing your job. Depending on the type of injury sustained, this cover provides weekly payments or one lump sum.

  • Money and personal assault insurance

    Money and personal assault insurance covers the costs associated with the theft or loss of money from your business premises or while in transit. This is especially helpful if you carry a lot of cash with you.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need online shop insurance if I work from home?

    If you run an online shop from home, you will need appropriate insurance. Even though you don’t work in a commercial premises, you will still face a number of financial risks. For example, you should strongly consider getting public and product liability cover, and if you have any employees, you are legally required to take out employers’ liability insurance. You might need other forms of financial protection too, such as cyber insurance and property damage insurance.

  • Do I need liability insurance to sell online?

    As an online retailer, it is important to make sure you have appropriate public and product liability insurance in place. There is always a level of risk involved in selling products to customers, regardless of whether this is done online or face-to-face. No matter how careful you are, there is a chance that members of the public will suffer injury or property damage because of the products you sell, and without suitable cover in place, you could be left facing significant costs if a claim is made against you.

  • When should I get ecommerce insurance?

    We advise you to get online retailer insurance before you start selling your products to customers. Making sure you have suitable financial protection in place from the outset will minimise the risks to your business.

  • How is Markel regulated?

    Markel is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. You can visit the Financial Services Register to find out more.

Access exclusive services for your online business - included as standard

In addition to comprehensive cover, insuring with Markel means you enjoy access to unique services for your online business at no additional cost (when the relevant section of cover is purchased).

24 hour legal helpline  24 hour legal advice helpline

When you insure with Markel, you'll benefit from 24/7 telephone access to a qualified solicitor at no additional cost. Expert legal advice can be costly when you're working for yourself and it's difficult to know who to turn to for a trustworthy answer. Whether it's a question on health and safety, employment law, legal structures for your business or how to handle a difficult client, an experienced team of solicitors are on hand day and night to help you with any business-related legal queries. Included as standard with all policies.

Legal hub access Markel Business Hub access

In addition to our 24 hour legal helpline, you'll have access to the Markel Business Hub - an award winning online resource of legal and business guides, templates and content written and created by our team of expert solicitors. Instantly download ready-made contracts, policies, procedures and guidance you can use for your business - without paying any expensive legal fees. Included as standard with all policies.

  Fee dispute service

As every self-employed professional knows, customers don't always pay on time and chasing unpaid fees/invoices costs time and money. Mindful of the impact this has on your business, we offer our policyholders access to a unique fee dispute helpline operated by one of the UK's leading law firms, who will provide specialist legal guidance and support on fee dispute issues. Included as standard with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

  Public relations crisis management service

In today's 24 hour news culture, public relations disasters can occur at any time. Having to deal with the press whilst managing a difficult situation can be hugely stressful as well as being a potential minefield. When there is a risk to your business as a result of negative press attention, our specialist public relations crisis management firm, The Counsel House, will work with you to help manage allegations of fraud, injury caused to employees or the public, and official investigations into your company's affairs. Included as standard with public liability and professional indemnity insurance, directors and officers insurance, cyber and data risks insurance and legal representation and employment disputes insurance.

Cyber response helpline

If you're the victim of a targeted cyber attack, our cyber response helpline provides access to specialist solicitors and information security experts who will give expert legal and technical IT security guidance on the issues arising from cyber and data protection risks. Included as standard with cyber and data risks insurance.

Cover starting at £5 a month