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Our Reiki insurance protects you and your business from a range of circumstances, should the worst happen at work. From a client feeling unwell after treatment, to a slip or a trip exiting the practice, our insurance ensures you’ll be covered against the unexpected.

What is Reiki insurance?

Insurance for Reiki practitioners is a way of protecting your business from the potential risks that occur in the industry. It’s there to cover you against a range of circumstances, such as a client alleging inadequate services, an injury before, after or during treatment, or damage to third-party property.

At Markel, we specialise in providing insurance coverage for therapists of all types. As a result, we understand the risks in your industry and our policies are designed to protect against them.

Why do Reiki therapists need insurance?

The nature of Reiki therapy means that you never know how a client may react to treatment. Should they feel unwell during or after treatment, or feel that your services didn’t deliver the expected results, Reiki insurance helps to protect both you and your business if they choose to make a claim against you.

Like any client-based job, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your business, and its reputation, in the event of a claim being made against you. Our specialist Reiki insurance offers cover against such scenarios.

What does Reiki insurance cover?

Reiki insurance covers you from some of the most common risks to your business, which could impact both your reputation and your livelihood. These include:

  • Accident or injury – A client may slip on a wet floor, injure themselves climbing onto a treatment table or be disorientated and trip on the step as they leave, all of which could lead to a claim personal injury claim being made against you.
  • Professional negligence – If a client experiences any negative reactions or emotions due to treatment, they may make a professional negligence claim against you.
  • Confidentiality breach – Clients may choose to share personal information with you while having their treatment. If you unintentionally share this with a third party, you could face legal action.

How to arrange Reiki insurance coverage

Protecting your business is simple with Markel. To get a quote, simply answer a few questions about you, your business and your activities. Once this is completed, you can build an insurance policy that’s tailored to your business’ individual requirements and choose from a range of different cover options and ways to pay. You can opt to pay upfront or spread your payments out over 10 instalments.

You’ll receive your policy documents instantly, including a proof of insurance document to show clients that you’re insured.

How much it will cost

Markel’s Reiki insurance starts at £5 per month, but costs can vary depending on the level of cover you require.

*Price based on a Reiki practitioner requiring £25,000 of directors and officers liability insurance.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

More specialist cover

  • Public liability insurance

    Public liability insurance covers the cost of claims made by members of the public or external stakeholders in the event of an incident that causes injury or harm, or damage to property. For Reiki practitioners, an example of a claim would be:

    -       A client suffering personal injury whilst visiting your premises.

  • Professional indemnity insurance

    Professional indemnity insurance protects you should you make a mistake while treating a client. This could be costly as even if you’re not liable for the mistake, the legal costs to defend yourself can be extremely high. An example of a claim would be:

    -       A client not reaching a certain goal they desired from their treatment programme, and they make a claim against you for inadequate services.

  • Employers liability insurance

    Any business which has employees legally needs to have employers liability insurance. This is to cover your business against claims for injury or illness suffered by employees while doing their job.

    An example of a claim would be:

    - While working with a client, a practitioner slips and falls on a chipped tile, injuring themselves in the process.

  • Directors and officers insurance

    Directors and officers insurance covers the costs of defending you as a director or officer of your company. This could be used in several situations, including against any allegations of misconduct or any damages subsequently awarded against you. It also helps to fund the legal bills for defending actions for disqualification as a director, investigations and extradition proceedings. Limits can range from £100,000 to £5m.

  • Office insurance

    Where you store all your paperwork, technology and equipment needs to be secure to protect your business. Office insurance covers your office buildings, office contents and computer equipment against accidental damage (including theft) while on your business premises. You can also choose to cover your business equipment when travelling abroad, for extra peace of mind.

  • Legal expenses insurance

    With a limit of £100,000, legal expenses insurance pays your legal costs and expenses for contract disputes and tax enquiries (including IR35). It also covers time spent attending jury service, debt recovery, personal injury, as well as any award you are required to pay should you have an employment dispute with an employee. 

  • Cyber and data risks insurance

    Cyber and data risks insurance covers the costs of restoring data and equipment. It can be used for informing clients, meeting ransom demands and loss of your net profit following a cyber-attack. It’s beneficial as it pays your legal defence costs and damages you are legally liable to pay to other parties. As a business which stores confidential data about their clients online or on a computer system, it’s important you consider taking out this cover.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Frequently asked questions

  • What limit of cover should I choose?

    Clients and industry bodies may require a minimum level of cover for you to undertake a contract, so it's wise to confirm this before you arrange your cover.

    If it's the first time you have arranged cover, or if you are unsure what to cover against, give some thought to a worst-case scenario and the likely costs involved in correcting it.

    We offer a range of limits on insurance for Zumba instructors, so you can be confident you'll find the right cover for your business needs.

  • Why should I insure with Markel?

    Markel has over 25 years’ experience insuring contractors, consultants and self-employed professionals. We provide cover to around 200,000 micro businesses and have over 1000 customer reviews at

    To speak to an adviser about insurance and better understand the different types of cover we provide, call us on 0800 640 6600 or get a quick quote online.

  • How is Markel regulated?

    Markel is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority – details of which you’ll find on the Financial Services Register.

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When you take out cover with Markel, you also receive these exclusive services as standard:

 Markel legal helpline 24/7 legal advice helpline manned by qualified solicitors

 Fee dispute serviceAccess to our fee-dispute service to assist with unpaid invoices

 Specialist cyber response helpline  A specialist cyber response helpline for help in the event of a cyber attack

  Markel Business Hub Legal templates and resources with Markel’s Business Hub

  IR35 contract reviewDiscounted IR35 contract reviews with your policy

  Expert management of public relations crises Expert management of public relations crises with The Counsel House

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Cover starting at £5 a month