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Regardless of the type of surveyor you are, there’s no doubt you take pride in what you do to carry out your job to the highest standard.

Whether you’re a building surveyor who provides expert construction advice for historic buildings, or you help manage the costs and development of new properties as a quantity surveyor, it’s only right that you ensure your business is suitably protected. This is where Markel can help.

With over 25 years’ worth of experience, Markel is perfectly positioned to provide insurance cover for businesses of all sizes. You can trust us to provide comprehensive insurance policies that protect you should the worst happen.

What is surveyors’ insurance?

Surveyors’ insurance is designed to provide financial protection for both you and your business if something goes wrong. There are a number of different policies to choose from to make sure that you are suitably covered in times of trouble.

At Markel, we can tailor your surveyor insurance policy so that it meets the needs of your business. In turn, this gives you added peace of mind that you’re financially protected, regardless of what happens.


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Do I need surveyors’ insurance?

The truth is, things can go wrong when you least expect it. Regardless of your experience as a surveyor, there is always a chance that you, or one of your employees, could make a mistake. In fact, even the smallest miscalculation or incorrect measurement could lead to a big, expensive claim. Without suitable cover in place, you will not be protected financially which could spell bad news for your business’ bottom line.

For example, as a building surveyor, you are required to advise on the maintenance and repair of existing buildings. If you fail to spot a crack in a wall and it later causes structural damage to a property, you may have a claim made against you. As a result, you may face significant legal fees and compensation costs. With the right type of insurance in place, you won’t need to worry about paying for these expenses out of your own pocket so that you can keep your business going.

Surveyors’ insurance from Markel can also provide protection against any claims made by your own employees. If an employee becomes injured or unwell as a result of their work, your insurance policy will ensure you don’t have to pick up the cost.

Our insurance policies can even provide cover for any tools you may use as part of your work, giving you added peace of mind that your equipment is protected.

Why choose Markel for surveyors’ insurance?

We understand how important your job is to you. That’s why we offer surveyors’ insurance policies that have been designed to provide protection for you and your finances when things go wrong. Keep reading to find out some of the reasons why you should consider Markel for all of your insurance needs.

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With over 25 years of experience, we are perfectly positioned to provide insurance that ticks all the right boxes. You can put your trust in us when it comes to protecting you and your livelihood.

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How much does surveyors’ insurance cost?

How much your surveyors’ insurance costs will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your business, whether you have anyone else working for you, the type of surveying work you carry out and the equipment you use.

Get a quote from us today to see how much you can expect to pay.

*Example premium is based on a quantity surveyor requiring £1 million of public liability cover, with no claims history and meeting all underwriting criteria.

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Cover starting from £5 a month

What insurance do surveyors need?

  • Professional indemnity insurance

    As a surveyor, it’s likely you provide professional services, such as building maintenance advice or architectural design plans, for a fee as part of your business. In this case, surveyors’ professional indemnity insurance can be essential. Having PI insurance for surveyors in place ensures that any legal fees or compensation costs are covered in the event a client makes a claim against you for errors or mistakes in the services you have provided.

    Example of a claim:

    You draw up architectural designs for a client but miscalculate measurements, meaning that the building is not structurally sound when built, causing further problems. The client makes a claim against you for negligence.

  • Public liability insurance

    Public liability insurance protects you against claims made by members of the public who may sustain an injury or experience damage to their property as a result of your business. At Markel, we offer public liability insurance for surveyors from £1 million to £5 million.

    Example of a claim:

    While you are conducting a site survey, a passing member of the public trips over your surveying tripod, causing them to fall to the ground, sustaining significant injuries. They make a claim for compensation for their injuries.

  • Employers’ liability insurance

    If you have employees working for your surveying business, by law you are required to have employers’ liability insurance in place with a minimum value of £5 million. This cover protects your business from claims made by the people who work on your behalf. For example, if they injure themselves while carrying out their job, or if they become unwell.

    Example of a claim:

    An employee is gathering survey data at a landfill site but trips and falls due to uneven terrain, seriously injuring themselves in the process. The employee takes legal action, making a personal injury compensation claim for their injuries, as well as a claim for loss of earnings due to not being able to work.

  • Legal expenses insurance

    Legal expenses insurance can help provide financial help if you become involved in a legal dispute. This could be anything from tax enquiries to personal injury claims. At Markel, our legal expenses cover is available up to £100,000.

  • Occupational personal accident insurance

    If you are unable to continue to work due to an injury you have sustained while at work, or travelling to or from work, occupational personal accident insurance provides you with financial cover. Depending on your injury, you may receive weekly payments or a one-off lump sum.

  • Directors and officers insurance

    Directors and officers insurance provides protection in the event you are required to defend yourself as a director or officer of your surveying business. This could include any claims made against you where you have acted wrongfully.

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Cover starting from £5 a month

Frequently asked questions

  • When should I get surveyors’ insurance?

    Ultimately it’s up to you when you take out insurance, however if you have an employee, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement so you’ll need this in place as soon as you make a hire. Some clients may specify that you need to have certain insurance policies in place before you begin working – it’s always worth reading your contract.

    We recommend that you take out a suitable surveyors’ insurance policy as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to have cover in place before you start work as a surveyor. This will make sure that you and your business are protected, no matter what happens.

  • Do I need public liability even if I work by myself?

    Even if you technically work alone, but you interact with members of the public, it can be important to have public liability insurance in place. This will provide protection against any claims made against you by your clients or members of the public who may have been injured or experienced damage to their property as a result of your business.

  • How is Markel regulated?

    We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Find out more on the Financial Services Register.

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