5 tips to win new work as a private tutor

5 tips to win new work as a private tutor

If you are a private tutor, or you are thinking of becoming one, you will be pleased to know that it can be a very lucrative business.

According to a survey by the Sutton Trust, the market in the UK has grown to an estimated £6 million in the last decade, with one in four school pupils now receiving private tuition. However, like with any business, one of the biggest challenges is finding new clients. The trick is discovering ways for clients to find you by increasing your profile. With many channels to go down, this can be relatively simple to achieve if you know how. Here are a few tips on how to best market yourself as a private tutor:


A website is essential these days, as the majority of clients will check you out online before contacting you. You don't have to spend a fortune on your website, just make sure it is well-laid out, clear and professional-looking. Have an eye-catching logo and use this on all your social channels, business cards and stationery. Many parents will take time to read your blog, so use it as a way to give advice and become a valuable source of information. Also make sure you include any testimonials from previous clients to highlight your success stories, and post an up-to-date CV.

Social media

Creative use of social media can be one of the best ways of attracting new clients. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the three main channels suggested for private tutors, but it's not enough to simply set up accounts – you need to remain active. Respond to comments and queries, use hashtags and follow influential people in the educational sector. Also use images and video to show how creative, fun and inspiring your tutoring classes are.

Agencies and listings

If you want to let a local tutoring agency do the advertising work for you, be prepared to give them a large percentage of your fees. A better option could be to add your listing to sites such as The Tutor Pages; websites like these charge a small annual rate for your listing to be featured, but they also see hundreds of daily visits from parents and students looking for a private tutor.

Offline advertising

From business cards or pamphlets in your local shop/library/supermarket/campus to taking out an advertisement in a local paper, not all of your marketing has to be online.

Contact local schools

Also send your business cards and pamphlets to local schools and ask to come in and meet the head teacher; once they get to know you they are more likely to recommend you, especially if you specialise in an area which the school has limited resources for.

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