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Our specialist sports massage insurance can cover you from £5 a month*.

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Our insurance policy for sports massage can protect you against mistakes you make in your work.

Why do sports massage therapists need insurance?

Sports massage therapists play a key role in helping athletes to achieve their physical potential, assisting in their recovery and aiding their preparation for their next challenge. It’s important they can carry out this work in confidence, knowing that they have the right protection in place in case anything goes wrong, for example:

  • an injury unintentionally caused to a client
  • a client suffering an allergic reaction to a treatment
  • a trip or fall.

This is where Markel’s cover comes in. With over 25 years of specialist expertise, our policies are designed to cover the risks facing your role as a sports massage therapist.

To help safe proof your business, read our guide on how massage therapists can prevent claims.

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What does sports massage insurance cover?

Sports massage insurance for therapists can cover you from a range of risks including:

  • Professional negligence

A client alleges that a massage you gave them has worsened their injury and makes a negligence claim against you. Despite your best efforts to help the client, it turns out that what you thought was a strain was in fact a rupture that shouldn’t be massaged.

  • Injury

A client visits you at your clinic for a massage. As they walk across the room they slip and crash down on their elbow causing a fracture. You hadn’t realised that there was some spilt oil on the laminate flooring, causing it to be hazardous. Your client makes a public lability claim against you.

  • Property damage

You’re visiting a client at their premises. On your way in, you accidentally knock an expensive standing clock off the radiator cover. The impact of it falling and subsequently smashing damages the floor. Your client wants you to pay for the damages.

  • Damage to clinic premises

A fire in the building where your clinic is situated leaves you unable to access to premises and the equipment inside. This means you have to let client’s down and cancel appointments. It also means you lose out on income.

Sports massage public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are often considered essential for massage therapists.

If you’re a member of a professional association like The National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapy (NAMMT), we can tailor your insurance to match your associations business insurance requirements.

How much does sports massage insurance cost?

Sports massage therapist insurance from Markel Direct starts from £5 per month.

The cost of insurance varies from business to business, depending on things like:

  • the size of your business
  • the number of insurance policies you choose to take out
  • the level of risk your job involves.

With our insurance, you can spread the cost of your policy over 10 interest free monthly payments or pay in one sum. Once your insurance policy has been processed, you'll receive an instant proof of cover. If you work with clients who require you to prove you ar insured, this means you can start work right away.

If your circumstances change and you wish to cancel a policy with us, there are no hidden or cancellations fees.

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How to buy sports massage therapist insurance

Insurance can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. Our user-friendly online quote system involves answering a few questions about your job and then offers you a list of all the cover that is suitable for you.

From there, you can choose to buy all the covers quoted or just some of them. This means you'll only ever pay for the insurance you need and not unnecessary extras.

*Price based on a sports massage therapist requiring £25,000 of directors and officers insurance.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Insurance for sports massage specialists includes the following types of cover

  • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance

    Public liability and professional indemnity insurance are two key parts of the insurance package for a sports massage therapist. These forms of cover can help you to defend yourself if a customer suffers an injury during the course of your work - clearly a big concern for sports massage therapists helping clients to look after their limbs and muscles – or if you face an allegation of negligence.

    Examples of the situations in which this cover might be needed include:

    • Claims from a client that sports massage therapy work you carried out caused an injury making them miss an important sporting fixture.
    • Compensation claims made by a client who tripped over a cable and suffered an injury while visiting your home for a therapy session.
    • Claims for damages made after a client had an allergic reaction to a cream or oil used during your work.
  • Employer's Liability insurance

    Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business that employs staff. It covers you if they suffer from an injury or illness as part of their work.

  • Legal expenses insurance

    Legal expenses insurance pays your legal costs and expenses for contract disputes, tax enquiries (including IR35), attending jury service, debt recovery, personal injury, as well as any award you are required to pay following an employment dispute with an employee. There is a limit of £100,000.

    If a client takes legal action against you because of an error you have made, this cover can prevent you from needing to use your own finances to cover legal expenses.

  • Directors and Officers insurance

    Director and officers insurance can help you to defend yourself if you face an allegation of poor practice – or if you have to pay out damages as the result of a claim.

  • Portable equipment and office insurance

    Whether it’s your phone and laptop, or a piece of equipment required for your therapy, it’s likely you’ll be reliant on having key equipment to hand. Office insurance covers any office premises you have – including accidental damage to the buildings and contents while you’re at work.

  • Occupational personal accident insurance

    Occupational personal accident insurance provides a weekly payment if you find yourself unable to carry out your job because of an injury suffered during the course of your work.

  • Cyber and data risks insurance

    Sports massage therapists need to hold personal data of their clients – potentially including sensitive medical information for conditions they might be helping them to manage. This poses a risk that needs to be managed. Cyber and data risks insurance can help to cover the cost of retrieving data and managing the aftermath of a data breach.

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Cover starting at £5 a month

Frequently asked questions

  • What's the difference between professional indemnity and public liability?

    These are two slightly different types of cover. Professional indemnity insurance covers you if you are challenged for the professional work you carry out or advice given. For a sports massage therapist, this type of professional negligence case might involve a compensation claim made by a client who feels your advice led to them exacerbating an existing illness or condition, for example. Public liability insurance offers cover in case of any injuries or illnesses third parties suffer through your work.


  • I often offer massages from my own or a client's home. Will I be covered for this?

    Yes, your policy can offer you the level of cover you need wherever you carry out your work.


  • What limit of cover should I choose?

    This depends on the work you carry out and, potentially, the legal requirements of some industry bodies. It’s well worth checking these out to ensure your cover meets the threshold presented by any bodies you need to be a member of for your work.

  • How are Markel Direct regulated?

    Markel International Insurance Company Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Find out more on the Financial Services Register.

Access these specialist services with your Markel insurance policy

Our sports massage insurance offers a number of great services that will support your work:

24 hour legal helpline  24 hour legal advice helpline

You get 24/7 telephone access to a qualified solicitor at no extra cost with all of our policies. With this, you can call on an expert to answer queries on points of law you might be unclear about, how to cope with a difficult client, the structure of your business, and any health and safety issues you have.

Legal hub access Business Hub access

All of our policies also come with access to hundreds of legal document templates. These allow you to download pre-prepared policies, procedures and contracts to avoid the need to pay expensive fees for these to be drawn up. This is all available in our online legal hub, powered by LHS elXtr.

  Fee dispute service

Sports massage therapists want to be able to focus on their work, not be chasing unpaid invoices or fees. Markel policyholders with public liability or professional indemnity insurance can benefit from access to a fee dispute helpline that is powered by a leading law firm.

  Public relations crisis management service

It’s important for sports massage therapists to build and maintain a positive reputation so they can attract and keep clients. A negative piece of press coverage could prove damaging to this and, if this occurs, our specialist public relations crisis management firm, The Counsel House, can work with you. This service, which helps to manage allegations of fraud, injury caused to employees or the public and official investigations into your company's affairs, comes as standard with public liability and professional indemnity insurance, directors and officers insurance, cyber and data risks insurance, and legal representation and employment disputes insurance.

Cyber response helpline

Our cyber response helpline gives you direct access to specialist solicitors and information security experts who can give you the benefit of their legal and technical IT expertise if you were to suffer from a cyber attack. This is included as standard with cyber and data risks insurance.

Cover starting at £5 a month