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    How to balance freelancing with being a mum

    For many mothers in the UK, freelancing has become a great way for them to grow their careers around their children.

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    Does your side hustle need insurance?

    Starting your own side hustle is a brilliant way to boost finances, especially as we navigate the current economy

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    Top 5 Accounting Apps for Self-Employed and Freelancers

    Taking the leap into self-employment can be an exciting venture but it can also have its challenges. Managing your finances correctly will be crucial to your success as a freelancer and for many, keeping track of your earnings and expenses to complete your tax returns can seem like a mammoth task.

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    Challenges of Being a Small Business Owner

    The challenges faced by small business owners can be varied, with some harder to overcome than others.

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    Starting up 2024: In conversation with Small Business Owners

    Throughout January, Markel Direct will be shining a spotlight on small business owners and freelancers. Across our social media channels, we’ll be celebrating some of our own customers who have taken the leap into self-employment and finding out what drove them to start their own business.

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    Starting a Side Hustle

    Over the last five years, we’ve seen a boom of side-hustle businesses, with a report by Henley Business School revealing that side-businesses now contribute over £70bn to the UK economy.

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    Becoming Self Employed: Top tips to get started

    Making the move to become self-employed can be an exciting time. Whether you’re a personal trainer, yoga teacher or plumber, working for yourself provides you with the flexibility to control how much you earn and the creative freedom to carve out a fulfilling career for yourself, and the best part is, you get to be your own boss.

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    The Benefits of Becoming Your Own Boss

    For small business owners, freelancers and contractors, the last five years have proven difficult to navigate. Faced with Brexit and the COVID pandemic, entrepreneurs haven’t been short of hoops to jump through when trying to get their business and side-hustle off the ground.

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    The benefits of having a separate bank account for your small business

    As a small business owner or a self-employed professional, you may wonder if opening a dedicated business bank account, separate from your personal bank account, is necessary and if so, how it can benefit you.

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    How businesses can increase work productivity and create high performing teams

    “Effective” productivity at work is a vital part of a thriving business, especially one which has ambitions for growth. It is also vital for teams to be effective when the economy is challenged, and sales performance has begun to plateau.