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  • What is professional indemnity insurance?

    What is professional indemnity insurance?

    Professional indemnity insurance is a commercial policy designed to protect you and your business against claims for financial loss or damage that are made by a client or other third party individuals. These claims could come as a result of perceived negligent services or negligent advice your business has provided.

  • A small business owner working on knitted crafts.

    Do I need insurance to sell handmade crafts in the UK?

    Handmade crafts are big business in the UK. According to the Crafts Council, the value of the industry has increased from £883m in 2006 to over £3b in 2020. And the beauty of it is, almost anyone can start their own crafts business.

  • Tiler applying tiles to a breeze block wall.

    How to start your own tiling business

    If you’re a skilled tiler, you might be considering setting up your own business. Being your own boss certainly has many advantages, including the extra freedom it gives you and the potential to determine your own earnings.

  • A self-employed plasterer and his apprentice plastering a ceiling.

    How to set up a plastering business

    Plastered walls and ceilings are commonplace in the UK. From smooth surfaces ready to decorate in new builds to ornamental fibrous plastering in older homes, this practice is used in nearly all UK interiors.

  • A company director talking to a lawyer.

    When can a director be held liable for negligence?

    Being the director of a company brings with it a lot of responsibility. This not only includes shaping a business’ strategy going forward, it also incorporates a certain duty of care for the business and all stakeholders. This includes employees as well as customers.

  • Risk management interactive diagram on a screen with individual touching a button.

    Top tips for charities to help manage risk and reduce potential claims exposure

    The risks charities can be exposed to depends a lot on the size of the organisation, how complex the organisation is, and how it is funded.

  • A group of environmental charity volunteers smiling and cheering.

    A concise guide to insurance for charities and non-profit organisations

    Ways you can keep your charity safeguarded, your staff and volunteers protected, and your customers and visitors safe through charity insurance.

  • The definition of ‘liability’ in a dictionary.

    Are employers liable for employee actions?

    It’s generally accepted that employers have a duty of care when it comes to their employees. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 states that every employer in the UK is responsible for the health and safety of their staff while they are at work.

  • The owner of an online crafts business working on a laptop.

    Do I need insurance to sell crafts on Etsy and Amazon?

    Whether you’ve set up a small side hustle or you’ve launched your own full-time business, selling handmade crafts via online marketplaces can be a great way to boost your income.

  • A lawyer discussing his client’s employment law case.

    Can an employer be sued for negligence?

    Under UK law, all employers have a strict duty of care when it comes to their employees. This mainly revolves around the responsibility to keep all members of staff safe in the workplace - protected from both potential injury and illness. But what happens when an employer is found to be negligent?

  • An interior designer looks at a concept design of a room and samples of wood.

    How to become an interior designer

    Interior design is an exciting profession ideal for those with a creative flair and a strategic mind. Whether you’re thinking of a career change or just starting out, becoming an interior designer can be a rewarding choice. As an interior designer, your work can be as varied as you like - where design is concerned, the sky’s the limit.